With successes such as Instagram and Temple Run, mobile app development is an enticing new field of business.  If you think you have a great idea for a mobile app, the experience of Stu Stein may come in handy in deciding whether to pursue it, or how to approach the process if a decision […] Although I must boast having an idea among these lines, what Stephen Sidwell, LYFE’s founder and CEO of its grocery department, is doing is quite amazing. Starting as an investment banker with an idea to revolutionize the quality and healthiness of what America eats, Sidwell put this belief at the core of the business, […] The successful entrepreneur is a manager, marketer and a salesperson all in one, and this article offers a nice list of desirable qualities for the role of a salesperson. For the marketer alter ego, this is a useful bit of inspiration to finding innovative ways to promote your business, or in this case […] I am having another of those moments when one is faced with a brilliantly functional idea and is somewhat envious of the innovator that conceived it. Read about, ponder about why  you didn’t think of this when the airline company didn’t want to pay you for your cancelled flight/lost baggage and be inspired […] From Walt Disney to Jeff Bezos, these are some of the startup heroes of our time. Take a look at some of their thoughts, which not only offer wisdom on business-related matters, but on how to live life itself.

Another brilliant TED video in which Simon Sinek explains a simple but very powerful idea – “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it,” conveying the inspirational potential of presenting the underlying principles, beliefs, ideas and purpose of your business (aside of the goal of profit generation). Take a look at […] Another good read on communication. Though this article is written for an audience climbing the corporate ladder, it’s excellent advice to the entrepreneur willing to lead his/her team and company successfully as well. Jenna Goudreau  writes how swearing, sounding uneducated, avoiding eye contact, and other verbal and body language mistakes can diminish you credibility […]