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Recommended: Instant Concentration by Matt DiMaio

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been busy with school and working on my project, which I will be featuring soon. In the meantime check this video by DiMaio and learn the definition of concentration and an interesting tip on how to improve it, as well as notice DiMaio’s public speaking skills, which […]

Lessons in Leadership: Branson Strikes Again!

I am currently reading The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner, and I am harboring thoughts on this subject. While reading this article, Branson inspired some insight (as always) in the nature of leadership. Namely, it is the notion that leaders who can truly inspire are genuine. They do not take up some role created […]

MOST Recommended: Why Money Is Not the Chief Motivatior, What Is, and How To Apply It

Future business leaders, take in these two entertaining TED videos, and know everything you most certainly should know of how motivation works, and why money isn’t the chief motivator anymore. I’ve bundled the videos as a 40-minute course, which will provide valuable insights of how to structure teams, issue tasks and correctly reward their completion, […]

Case Study: My First Business: PART 1

An idea taking roots, and starting to grow. I was recently reading The $100 Startup, an excellent read I will feature in another post, and I was stricken with venture ideas inspired by the text. I’ve decided to stick with one, and it is much more exciting that I could ever imagine! It’s just like […]

Recommended: How to Increase Your Site’s (or Blog’s) Google Rating I don’t believe it necessary to state that we live in the digital age, and that a business website is a must for every aspiring entrepreneur. Check out these tips on how to gain presence in Google searches, increasing your chances at getting clicked on. Very useful for bloggers and their blogs as well, […]

Recommended: Two Books to Unlock Your Potential and Supercharge Your Productivity

I am very aware that tagging anything “self-help” is enough to make a great deal of people brashly skeptical of it, but these books are the real deal, and well worth your time investment. Written in 1937, Think and Grow Rich brings the immortal keys to success, while Eat that Frog again restates some of […]

Recommended: Productivity tips from Harvard expert (watch out for ethos!) I have been busy lately, so I haven’t posted in a while, but stay connected since I have some cool recommendations lined up for the next few days. In this post specifically, Kevin Daum conveys some of the tips he learned from his talk with Robert Pozen, the Harvard expert, for tackling big and […]