MOST Recommended: Why Money Is Not the Chief Motivatior, What Is, and How To Apply It

Future business leaders, take in these two entertaining TED videos, and know everything you most certainly should know of how motivation works, and why money isn’t the chief motivator anymore. I’ve bundled the videos as a 40-minute course, which will provide valuable insights of how to structure teams, issue tasks and correctly reward their completion, and make it possible for every employee to reach his or her potential. Interestingly, the speakers are namesakes (searched this term on Google, there’s quite a discussion concerning it!), both bearing the name of Dan, and both being very entertaining speakers at the same time!

Please share this mini-course with anyone you think that might benefit from it, since this blog still has a limited reach, and the ideas propelled in these videos should be heard by all employers around the world, so that they can be correctly applied and drastically increase employee drive and happiness, and in turn the productivity and profits of the whole firm.


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