Case Study: My First Business: PART 1

An idea taking roots, and starting to grow.

I was recently reading The $100 Startup, an excellent read I will feature in another post, and I was stricken with venture ideas inspired by the text. I’ve decided to stick with one, and it is much more exciting that I could ever imagine! It’s just like being in love, you think about your little idea constantly. First thing in the morning, last thing at night (well not that much, but you get the point!).

The day after I conjured up the idea, I couldn’t refrain myself from immediately starting work on it. I ended up working for about 6 hours.

I now feel immensely bad about wasting any time, because a little voice flares up in my mind, saying “You could be working on your idea right now! Get to it!”

I won’t uncover it just yet, but it’s a game-changer (over-enthusiasm is taking over, as you probably noted), and I will be featuring its development from just another idea to a complete product and possibly a business on “The Dilettante’s Guide to Being Your Own Boss,” so be sure to check it up for new posts or follow it to have them delivered to you.

I believe this case study will convey some of the experience I garner as I move away from the dilettante I am, and possibly inspire  you to take the leap with your own idea and taste the benefits of creating as I have (and I still haven’t done much!). So please share this with anyone that might benefit from second-hand experience (usually the best kind).

Tomorrow I am featuring two articles covering desire and enthusiasm in young entrepreneurs, a point very tangential with my current state as you can note, so stay connected!



  1. Looking forward to seeing your product!

  2. Thanks for the support Daryl, really appreciate it! I just caught up on your venture story, you’ve really identified a gap in the market and taken advantage of it, which is along the lines of what I want to do. I’ll be posting these days about the idea and some initial steps I’ll be taking.

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